The long-lasting hydration and soothing power of Nanopids® for those in need of  Dry Eye Relief.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Along with dryness of the eye, common symptoms of dry eye disease/syndrome may include irritation, burning, stinging, grittiness, foreign body sensation, redness, light sensitivity, watery eyes, blurring, excessive tearing increased blinking, and reduced visual acuity.

Dry Eye varies in severity, and is generally classified according to the combination of symptoms and signs presented by the individual. Typical classifications are mild, moderate and severe – these are often defined as follows:

Mild dry eye:

symptoms include irritation, itching, soreness, burning, or intermittent blurred vision.

Moderate dry eye:

symptoms include increased discomfort and frequency of symptoms; the negative effect on visual function may become more consistent.

Severe dry eye:

symptoms include increased frequency of symptoms which may become constant, along with potentially disabling visual symptoms.

If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, you may have dry eye disease/syndrome. Left untreated, dry eye may lead to long term conditions. If you think you have dry eye, see your eye doctor for a diagnosis and to explore treatment options.

Use of artificial tear drops may be an appropriate part of a treatment regimen for Dry Eye. NanoTears® is a unique innovation in Dry Eye Therapy that contains Nanopids®, tiny soothing lipids that revitalize the eye natural lubrication by restoring the lipid layer of the tear film, and providing a barrier to tear loss. NanoTears®, a clear solution that gels in the eye, also lubricates and soothe the eye, providing tear replacement without the blur commonly associated with other products. If you are a dry eye patient, ask your doctor if NanoTears® is right for you.

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